By: Carola Lovering

4 out of 5

TELL ME LIES is a coming-of-age story about love, redemption, and the personal journey taken by college student Lucy Albright. Spanning her college days to early adulthood, TELL ME LIES is the story of the relationship between Lucy and Stephen, Lucy and her friends, Lucy and her mother, and ultimately, Lucy finding herself. Drugs, sex, and self-destruction are the running themes in TELL ME LIES, with each character trying to navigate their own journey while barely keeping their shit together.

Personally, I DEVOURED this book. I absolutely loved it.

Many of us can relate to the Lucy/Stephen, Lucy/CJ, Lucy’s personal journey, dynamic. I think many of us knew/know our own version of Stephen and can both recoil from and relish in, the memories.

Bits and pieces of my own life played out on the pages. I found this book cathartic. It made me think about my own life and things I have lived through and things I have done.

I have seen divided review for TELL ME LIES. I totally get that. One has had to experience life as Lucy has in order to relate. She traveled down a darkened path, spiraling further into its depth. To understand Lucy, one has had to found themselves wandering through the darkness as well.

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