By: Joanna Goodman

4 out of 5 Stars

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Suburbia, Interrupted Review

“In spite of everything, Maggie has managed to turn out all right. She is a mother of three children- all of them here tonight in the house she loves so much; she is a wife, a lover of seeds and language, a French woman with English blood, an English woman with French blood. She is neither fully one thing nor another, as she’s always wanted to be. She is arrogant and humble, audacious and timid, alive. She is still growing and always will be.”

Beautifully written story of love and loss. Read THE HOME FOR UNWANTED GIRLS in one sitting, the book pulling me in and making me feel every emotion possible. I laughed. I cried. I got angry. I felt love. The details and descriptions of each character in the book was perfectly written. The history I learned in this book is heartbreaking, heartwrenching, and beyond anything I could ever imagine happening not so long ago. THE HOME FOR UNWANTED GIRLS moved me as a woman and mother, one who had her first child when she was 20 and single. I cannot imagine what it feels like to give your child up for adoption, especially when forced into making that decision. THE HOME FOR UNWANTED GIRLS is powerful, moving, gut-wrenching, and redemptive, all rolled into a perfectly written story. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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