suburbia interrupted

The Words She Wrote as Lana Sang

Reflections seen as emptiness is heard,
unawareness morphing to realization
Untold truths collectively rising,
rhythmic patterns yearning for release
Melodic tunes fill the void,
binged words arousing burdens
Words flowing from a silent tongue,
submissive to a never-ending wildfire
Shuffled playlists,
insights to one's mind

Compartmentalizing ideas/thoughts,
reflecting what others wish you'd be
Forever performing,
yet shying from the spotlight
An unpaid actress,
a soul chained to the past
Haunted by self-doubt,
sleepless nights form unwritten sentences
A great American novel,
lost to judgmental appeasement

Shackled baggage an eyesore for the angelic community,
noticing only condemning words
Indoctrinated to ideals and interpretations,
being know a feat in itself
Surrounded by endless possibility,
forgetting everyone has secrets
A stepford life,
robotically moving to the beat of another's drum
Surviving on disregarded hope,
forever searching for something

Darkness cloaks the altar,
acknowledged when the sky turns black
Shadows block the glorious sun's healing,
corroding from within
Confined by towering walls,
a green girl
Kneeling in front of an awaiting congregation,
filtered facades crumble
Believing someone cares,
rookie mistake

Double standards,
flowing from anointed souls
Pacified by euphoric release,
a momentary savior
Dubious distinction,
shamelessly begging for more
Superficial validation,
a pattern
my muse

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