Suburbia, Interrupted is a personal blog, authored and run by Dani, a woman trying to balance motherhood, marriage, and life while her oldest two boys navigate college, two boys forge their way through high school, and a hormonal tween daughter navigates middle school. Add in the ups and downs of marriage, Dani’s desperate need to discover who she is, and what, exactly, is her purpose, Suburbia, Interrupted is real talk about real life.

An avid reader and confessed book nerd, Dani writes short, to the point book reviews of her latest reads.

More than a blog, Suburbia, Interrupted is a diary. Excuse the mess, my mind is cleansing. 

Dani is a writer, bookworm, and Red Sox fan. Living in South Florida with her husband and children, Dani spends her spare time overthinking in car lines, daydreaming at sports practices, and lying awake at night as the greatest novel plot of all time plays games with her sleep.

Dani has essays published in three books, contributed to numerous publications (print and online), and is syndicated on Scary Mommy. Dani is also a NetGalley Reader and a Booksparks Bookshark.

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